Choosing Extraordinary Designs for Custom Decks in West Chester PA

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Home Improvement

Some homeowners decide they want a residential deck that’s extraordinary. They’ve pored over magazines featuring unusual deck styles and looked at many photos online. Custom decks in West Chester, PA can be constructed in a broad range of designs. The completed project provides satisfaction to people who dream of spending a great deal of time relaxing, working, playing and socializing on the site of that outdoor feature.

Many customers of home improvement contractors like the idea of tiered decks. These usually are added to homes with more than one story, to bi-level houses or to ranch home with a walkout basement. The lower level may either be on the ground or elevated. The upper level usually is situated next to a doorway on an elevated story of the house. Elevated deck levels also can be reached by an exterior stairway. The aesthetics of this design are appealing, and homeowners may decide to use each level for somewhat different purposes. They might have a barbecue grill on one level, for instance, and an eating area on another.

How about a rooftop deck? Homeowners with a two-story garage extending from a two-story house often want the top of the garage to function as a deck. A contractor such as Walter & Jackson can construct this in a residential setting as long as the roof is reinforced enough to support the number of people expected to spend time there. Visit the website to view photos and learn more about various possibilities.

An additional possibility would be to consider full two-story custom decks in West Chester, PA. Instead of being tiered, they have two entirely separate levels, one above the other. The bottom level benefits from shady conditions, while the sunshine can be enjoyed on the upper story. These designs are often seen at beach houses. The upper story provides a beautiful view, and the bottom level leads to an area where kids and adults alike can come in directly from swimming and playing on the beach. Essentially, these are two separate decks, although they may be connected by a stairway. Another advantage is a certain amount of privacy for people seated on different levels at the same time.

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