Are LED Light Bulbs in Victoria, BC Ideal?

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Home Improvement

One of the best ways to upgrade a space or to improve its functionality is to add more lighting. For many years, no new technology or types of lighting options were available. Today, consumers can select from a wide range of options in terms of how much light they have as well as in color, shape, and style. When choosing LED light bulbs in Victoria, BC, be careful to select the right amount of light for the space.

Define the Space

Before buying LED light bulbs in Victoria, BC, your first step is to know how much space the lights need to cover. The larger the space, the more powerful the light needs to be. But, LED lights are far more powerful than traditional fluorescent bulbs.

Think About Lumens

When buying older styles of lights, you may have purchased based on the watts of the bulb. With these light bulbs, buy based on the lumens. This is the measurement of how much brightness the bulbs create. For most small spaces, a rating of 2 to 3 or 4 to 5 is best. For large open spaces where you need more light, choosing a rating of 9 to 13 or higher is ideal. Keep in mind that LED lights require far less electricity but provide a more powerful light. You may not need the same thing you needed for other products.

When choosing LED light bulbs in Victoria, BC, learn more about their functionality and how many benefits they offer. They are very efficient and can help to reduce your energy costs. They also last much longer, which means you can save money by avoiding the purchase of new bulbs often. Yet, they do offer a different type of light with more brightness.

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