Advantages of Having a Garden Vinyl Window in Santa Clarita CA

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Home Improvement

A Vinyl Window in Santa Clarita CA located over the kitchen sink in a garden-window design adds more natural light to the room and has other advantages as well. If this type of feature isn’t possible over the sink, a homeowner might want to consider having one added elsewhere in the kitchen for those same benefits. Although it isn’t as common, garden windows can be installed in other parts of the home as well.

About Garden Windows

Like bow and bay windows, garden windows extend beyond the home’s exterior wall. They have three glass sides and a glass top that slopes down to a certain degree. Frames can be constructed of various materials, but many homeowners choose vinyl for its affordability, attractiveness and low maintenance needs.

More Light

Even though the size of the window space is the same as it would be with a sash window or crank-out model, the extension of the window beyond the wall brings in more sunlight.

More Fresh Air

These windows are available in models that open up, providing more fresh air to the room. People in the room can enjoy the scent of flowers under the window in the yard and the sound of birds singing.

A Shelf

The floor of the garden Vinyl Window in Santa Clarita CA functions as a shelf on which people can place houseplants or grow a little herb garden. The plants get plenty of light; the window is like a miniature greenhouse.

Color Coordination

Because of the window design, the lines of the frames can be particularly appealing in regard to color. The frames can easily be color-coordinated with other windows in the room, or can be provided in a contrasting color for dramatic effect. If the window is to be installed over the sink, the homeowner might want to color-coordinate the frame with the countertop.


The window must be constructed of high-quality materials since most of it sits out in the open, receiving more exposure to weather elements than a flat window does. They also must be energy efficient to prevent excess heat from the sun on hot days, especially if the window faces west or southwest. Contact Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company for details on having a garden window installed in the home.

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