5 Signs That Your Furnace Need Attention

by | May 9, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

You may not give your furnace much thought until your home isn’t staying warm enough or you notice strange smells. Here are 5 signs it’s time to call for furnace repair in Lincoln Park before your furnace gives out completely.

#1. You smell gas
If you smell gas, turn off your furnace immediately. You should also open the furnace and turn off the gas supply valve. Do not turn on any lights in your home until you call an HVAC technician.

#2. You hear persistent strange noises
Your furnace may make scraping, thumbing, or banging noises when something is wrong. Persistent loud noises can be a sign of serious issues. Banging or groaning noises usually indicate loose or broken components but whistling noises can be issues with the belt or fan.

#3. Inadequate heat in your home
The clearest sign you need furnace repairs is insufficient heat in your home. When your furnace produces very low or no heat regardless of the thermostat settings, it may be caused by a faulty thermostat, duct leaks, or something more serious.

#4. Furnace needs to be restarted
You may have trouble getting your furnace to turn on and stay on as it ages. If you need to restart your unit throughout the day or night, it may be caused by a damaged thermostat or bad wiring.

#5. Your furnace blows cold air
When the furnace blows cool air instead of hot air, it may be a problem with your pilot light or thermocouple. Until the problem is fixed, your furnace will be unable to heat your home.

Do you have any of these signs that you need a tune-up of your furnace? Contact Deljo Heating & Cooling for affordable and reliable furnace repair in Lincoln Park, Illinois.

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