When to Call a Commercial Re Roofing Service

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Roofing

Many business owners wonder how to know when it is time to contact a Commercial Re Roofing Service. In most cases, a roof will display one or more obvious signs that replacement is needed. If the roof deck has started to sag, this is a very clear indicator that there is serious damage to the roof. Usually, this damage occurs because of the weight of water buildup. While water removal will help remove the pressure, by the time a roof has started to sag the damage is already done and the roof does need replacement in most cases. Often, there will also be interior signs of water damage, for example water spots on the ceiling.

If there are any darkened spots on the ceiling, this may indicate that there is a long term leak in the roof. The longer that a leak is left alone, the more that it will generally spread. While a leak that is caught early may only require a small roof repair, a highly developed leak that leaves chronic dark spots on the ceiling will generally lead to a whole new roof.

If there are any visible sources of outside light that can be seen through the roof, one or more of the roofing materials has failed. Sometimes, this may happen because a roof board has become dislodged or has been pulled off during a storm. While a quick replacement may save the whole roof, many times the damage is ignored and gets worse until the building must be completely re-roofed.

If shingles on the roof are torn off, cracked, or even just obviously loosened, it is time to get the roof repaired immediately. As soon as a single roof shingle comes off, the shingles on both sides of it no longer have enough support to stay in the proper position. This can cause roof damage to spread all over the roof very quickly, and this will eventually require a re-roofing job. If you are in need of a local Commercial Re Roofing Service, consider calling Malcom Roofing. Find their website on the Internet at website Domain now.

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