Professional Gutter Repair in Bellevue WA Can Prevent Water Damage

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Home Improvement

Gutters help protect a home from the threat of water damage and mold. They collect excessive rainwater from the roof and channel it towards the downspout where it then flows away from the property’s foundation. Many home and business owners don’t pay much attention to their gutter system until problems occur. When damage is suspected, a company offering gutter repair in Bellevue, WA can fix or replace the damaged parts to keep your residence safe and dry.

Preventative Maintenance for Gutters

A little routine maintenance helps gutters to function better and can reduce the risk of damage or wear. Homes or buildings located near trees will need to be cleaned frequently. Excess debris, including leaves, dirt, and sticks, can easily clog a gutter. When precipitation is unable to flow freely, it backs up and can cause damage to the roof, siding, foundation or interior ceiling of a home. For property owners that wish to avoid the hassle of maintenance, a professional gutter cleaning service can save you time and prevent potential injuries.

Common Gutter System Repairs

While major problems may require new gutter installation, minor issues can usually be resolved quickly. Homes that still experience clogging even after frequent cleanings may need to purchase or replace gutter guards. These protective guards reduce the amount of clogging by preventing large debris from entering the system. Gutter guards are also effective in keeping unwanted pests out.

Small leaks caused by corrosion can generally be patched to prevent further problems. It’s important to schedule Gutter Repair in Bellevue WA at the first sign of damage. This will eliminate the threat of major repairs to the walls or foundation of a property. An experienced contractor can patch the holes with a material that is identical to your existing gutter construction. This is essential to avoid the risk of galvanic corrosion.

Sagging gutters allow rainwater to collect in the affected area. When sagging occurs, it is mainly caused by a failure of the support hardware. As fasteners loosen or deteriorate, the unsupported section begins to slump. Sometimes extra hangers may be needed to provide additional support.


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