A Few Reasons to Choose Wool Material for Your Furniture’s Upholstery

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Wallpaper and Coverings

If you are thinking about updating the upholstery for your home or business, you are likely thinking about various colors and patterns that might look nice and will complement the interior of your home or office. However, you should take some time to consider the material you will be using. An often-overlooked material is wool. The following are just a few reasons that Wool Upholstery is a good idea for your furniture.

Wool Is Easy to Clean

You may think wool is a bad choice because it is difficult to clean, but this is simply not true. Today’s modern wool upholstery is often available with a protective coating that not only makes it stain resistant, but it makes it easy to clean. If you choose a design that allows for removable covers for your seat cushions and backrests, they are easily cleaned in the washer.

Wool Is Durable

The modern wool materials for chairs and couches are much different than you imagine. They are made with a tight-knit construction that gives it a bounce-back attribute, so there won’t be the wrinkles or sunken appearance that other materials may have over time. This feature contributes to the longevity of your furniture’s upholstery.

There Are Many Design Options

There was a time when wool was limited in the availability of patterns and colors, but there have been many innovations in the use of wool that have led to a wide variety of designs, especially with wool upholstery. There are many designs that will likely surprise you, and there are likely several that you will find attractive for your home or office.

The reasons for considering wool listed above are simply a few highlights. There are many other things to consider about wool. For example, it is a natural and a renewable fiber; therefore, it is environmentally friendly. Before you decide on a fabric, you should take the time to look at all the designs that are available in wool.

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