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Qualities to Look for in the Cast Iron Skillet You Buy in Charlotte, NC

Buying an American made cast iron skillet is a great choice but you need to ensure that you get a high-quality pan. How can you know that the skillet you are buying is a good choice? Look out for the following qualities.

A Bumpy Surface and Molded Handle

The surface of the skillet is made from molten iron and this is left to dry as is. This gives the pan a bumpy surface. The underside is usually ground to a smooth finish. The handle on your cast iron skillet should not be attached with any screws. It should be molded in place which means it is firmly attached to the pan.


Cast iron skillets should be heavy. The 15-inch pan should weigh about 12 pounds. This weight means that there is a lot of metal used in the pan. These heavy pans hold heat for a long time ensuring that your food stays warm for a long time after you are done cooking.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

There are many makers of skillets in the world but the quality of an American made cast iron skillet is unsurpassed. However, there are many skillet makers in the country. Opt for a manufacturer who has a good reputation and proven track record of making quality skillets.


An American made cast iron skillet does not come cheap. If you find one being sold at an extremely low price, this is a red flag. It is definitely low in quality! Remember that the iron cast skillet will be last for a very long time so it is a worthwhile investment.

A good iron cast skillet is heavy, has a molded handle, a bumpy surface and is made by a renowned manufacturer. You can buy such a pan from GRIZZLY Cast Iron Cookware.

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