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Why Nitrile Makes A Great Substance For Vapor Mitigation

There are many substances that you can choose from to use as a barrier against chemicals contaminating the soil. However, not all of these substances are of equal quality. Experts have stated that one of the best materials to use is nitrile. There are many reasons why nitrile works for vapor mitigation near Chicago.

Gas Permeation

Because of its chemical makeup, nitrile can be flexible while still remaining low in being gas permeable. This is why nitrile is used so many times in personal protection equipment. It can be worn as clothing items while at the same time providing the safety to the wearer that is expected while on dangerous sites. It can also be used on a larger scale in the form of sheets to block certain substances from reaching sensitive areas.

Resistant To Punctures

Nitrile is very strong even though at the same time it is very flexible. This is why it is used during the construction process to help mitigate the chance of any vapors being able to enter the building. It is generally installed right before the concrete is laid and there are never any worries about the sealant being punctured due to its aforementioned strength


There are different ways to apply nitrile for vapor mitigation near Chicago. It can be applied in either liquid form or in sheet form depending on the particular need of the application. If you are in need of cutting-edge vapor mitigation solutions, contact Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC. They can recommend what will work best for you.

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