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Protect Your Investment in Your Home With Quality Roof Installation in Deer Park

Purchasing a house is probably the largest investment that anyone can make and as such, it is important for your financial security. However, if the home isn’t properly cared for, then your hard earned money is wasted. One aspect of home care involves the repair and maintenance of its roof. Once the roof shows signs of aging, it is time for Roof Installation in Deer Park. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to strip away the whole roof, but you will need to remove the old shingles and any membrane that covers the roof decking.

A roof can become damaged for a variety of reasons. For instance, high winds can force debris across the roof which might rip away the shingles or cause them to pull loose. A tree or heavy limb could fall on the roof or edge of the home and ruin the shingles or damage other details such as flashing. Minor problems may not require a complete Roof Installation in Deer Park, but attempting to fix large problems without replacing all the shingles will result in a roof that ages unevenly and will, most likely, fail at different times.

If your roof is leaking or you have decided it is due for Roof Installation in Deer Park, then you need to consider all of your options. There are several roof coverings that you may wish to check out. The most common is the three-tab asphalt shingle. This product is usually warranted for fifteen years, but higher quality shingles may carry warranties as long as twenty-five years. It pays to get the best you can afford.

An excellent option for your Roof Installation in Deer Park is the composite shingle. This is another asphalt product, but it is much more durable. Part of the reason for this is the multiple layers used in the shingle. The most common variant is the dual-layer composite, but three layers are also available. Thick shingles often handle higher winds better and may be able to withstand more damage. Composite shingles are also better looking than many three-tab shingles. This is due to the contoured edges and shadows that they give off. Properly installed composite shingles will give your home the look of slate roofing without the high cost of real slate.

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