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Lawn Diseases and Lawn Pests that Can Affect Your Lawn in Edmond

Taking care of your lawn in Edmond, Oklahoma, requires some finesse. There are a lot of lawn diseases and pests that can make your lawn their home if you don’t take care of it. Here are three diseases and pests that you should watch out for in Edmond.

Lawn Diseases

Dollar Spot

Dollar spot is an extremely aggressive lawn disease. It starts off as small, circular, tan-colored spots that occur on grass blades. Leaves will often have a reddish-brown band or border around the tan spots.

Brown Patch

Brown patch is a lawn disease caused by a soil-borne fungus. It starts off as a small, brown spot that grows in a circular pattern. The disease flourishes in warm temperatures when your lawn is over-fertilized and has poor drainage.

Lawn Pests
White Grubs

These annoying little pests often cause over $234 million in lawn damage and lawn care annually, including lawn care services in Edmond, OK. They burrow underground and eat the roots of plants, killing the plants in the process.

Army Worms

These destructive caterpillars are quite a nuisance. The larvae feed on grass at night while the adults feed on nearby plants. They won’t kill your grass/plants, but they will make them look bad.

Keeping these diseases and pests at bay can be a nuisance. That’s why many people seek out lawn care services in Edmond, OK. Watsons Weed Control is a trusted company that can take care of your lawn in Edmond and surrounding areas. Find out more at

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