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Treat Your Vehicle to Maximum Safety and Protection With Car Storage

Car storage units are a simple and safe way to store your vehicle for brief or long periods throughout the year. Knowing that your vehicle is safe and sound puts your mind at rest while you’re away on vacation, out of the country on business or just needing to stow your vehicle while you handle other business. Here are a few more reasons why car storage units make great sense.

Convenience & Safety

When you keep your car in a car storage unit, your car is always accessible, waiting for you and ready to be driven. Come and go as you please, knowing that your prized wheels are in a single, reserved parking spot. You can rent a spot online, letting you attend to car storage arrangements from the comfort of your home or office.

Rent however many units you require for as long as you need. Flexible month-to-month agreements offer the ease of acquiring rentals for amounts of time that complement your schedule and your budget.

The inherent safety of car storage units is another benefit. Whether you have a favorite sports car or a workhorse pickup, a car storage unit provides a secluded, secured place where your car is inaccessible to thieves as well as other car storage unit renters.

Economy & Protection

Leaving your vehicle exposed to harsh elements over long periods can incur costly repairs and shorten your vehicle’s lifespan. Sun, heat, cold and ice lead to mold, rust, structural damage and dead batteries.

Experts agree that dry, temperature-controlled storage is ideal for vehicles of all types. With a car storage unit, you have access to a clean, well lit, climate control location. The climate control ensures optimal ambient conditions to preserve vehicle components, undercarriage, interior and everything under the hood.

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