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Here are 4 Unexpected Ways to Use LED Lights in and Around Your Home

Depending on how they are used, LED lights can be described as cool, clearer, brighter, futuristic, or calming. How you prefer to describe these energy-efficient lights ultimately depends on how they are used in and around your home. If you happen to be stuck for ideas, here are four unexpected options for your consideration.

  • Under or Around Stairs

Stairs can be treacherous at night or in areas where there is a lack of natural light from a skylight or window. LEDs can be strategically placed around or under your stairs where light is needed. The same thing can be done with steps outside of your home if you want to produce light when dusk turns to dark in a way that will not disturb your neighbors.

  • Under Beds and Couches

From an aesthetic perspective, LED lights can definitely provide an unexpected light source when placed under beds or couches. On the practical side, lighting in these places also reduces your odds of losing shoes, socks, change, and other odds and ends.

  • Around Shelves and Display Cases

Both colorful and plain white LEDs can give your shelves and display cases a touch of style and just the right amount of light. You also have a lot of options with placement. With shelves, for instance, LEDs can be placed underneath if you want lighting that is not so in your face. Another option is to use LEDs to form a lighted frame around a large bookcase or display case.

  • Below Cabinets

A strip of LEDs under cabinets can be mostly functional, especially if those cabinets are in your kitchen and you need extra light for cooking and food prep. LEDs can also add a touch of elegance to rooms where you have cabinets by producing light in a way that is soothing and relaxing.

These are just some of the many ways LED lights can add some illumination and pizzazz to your interior and exterior living spaces. The great thing about LEDs is that you are literally only limited by your imagination when it comes to where these lights can be placed.

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