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A Wood Flooring Installation in Manhattan Preserves a Historical Home’s Value

More homeowners today are realizing a better value in their upgrades by choosing wood. Wood flooring not only increases a home’s elegance but it also invites warmth. Spaces also look bigger when wood floors are chosen over carpet.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

You will also find that a wood flooring installation in Manhattan is easy to maintain and clean. You can sweep the floor, steam clean it, or vacuum it to get rid of residue and dirt. Floors made of wood also do not harbor allergens such as pet dander or mites. The floors are far more stain-resistant compared to carpets. If you spill a beverage on a hardwood floor, you only need to wipe it away.

Durable and Strong

A wood flooring installation will prove to be durable and strong. That is one of the main reasons why homeowners prefer this flooring upgrade. While floors may get scratched upon occasion, they still can be repaired without too much problem.

Better Air Quality Inside the Home

Why should you take a chance with allergies by choosing a carpet? Adding a hardwood floor will provide improved air quality. Even laminate floors display embossing, which is a finish that permits particles such as pollen, animal dander, or dust to settle. A hardwood floor does not attract these contaminants.

A Great Flooring Addition

By adding a wood floor installation, you can ensure the beauty and appearance of your apartment or home in New York. People who live in historical properties love to have this type of flooring installed. Even if the building is newer, you will find that wood flooring complements any décor nicely.

Learn More Details Online

If you would like to know more information about installing a hardwood floor, contact a company such as New York Wood Flooring today. Go to one business for all your wood floor refinishing or installation needs.

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