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Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Anyone who has a small kitchen will tell you how frustrating it is to move around and get things done. There’s just not enough room! Don’t worry. All is not lost. Small kitchens just require some clever design ideas to make them stylish and practical. Here are some kitchen design ideas for your small kitchen in Pompano Beach.

Storage is Key

For a small kitchen, every inch of space counts that’s why storage space is essential. Aside from organizing your kitchen stuff, it also allows you to optimize every available space you have. Cabinets are the best way to store kitchenware. But for small spaces, having too many cabinets may not beneficial as it can make your kitchen look even smaller. You can add cabinets at the bottom part of the room and have open shelves at the top to give it depth. This way, your kitchen will have an open and airy look and feel but still have all the necessary storage space you need.

Use Compact Containers

Bulky containers can take too much space, and space is precious for small kitchens. Compact containers, on the other hand, are much easier to store as they don’t take too much space.

Get a Bigger Sink

Most small kitchens do not have enough room for a dishwasher. If this is you, then you need to find space for a double sink where you can keep one bowl for dirty dishes and use the other for washing. This way, you have somewhere to place dirty plates and other utensils out of sight while cooking.

Storage Helpers are Here to Help

Cupboards and drawers are the most common storage spaces in kitchens. But a small kitchen’s limited space may not have enough of them. Consider retrofitting your kitchen with wire racks, slim cupboards, or plinth drawers. Drawer dividers for pans, plates, and utensils can also help you maximize your drawer space.

Kitchen remodeling is serious business. It will require a lot of time and effort from you. But then, you can always hire a professional designer for your kitchen design needs in Pompano Beach for best results.

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