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Can Carpet Affected by Flood Damage in Cheyenne, WY Be Cleaned?

If you face a flood and your carpet is damaged, you may wonder if it can be salvaged. If the flood water was made of lawn runoff or was clean, drying the carpet and cleaning it can be performed. However, if the floodwater was comprised of sewage, you will need to discard the carpet. You can save a washable throw rug by cleaning it professionally.

Contact a Specialist

Flood damage in Cheyenne, WY must be addressed right away by a company experienced in this type of restoration. Whether your damage involves carpeting, tiles, walls, or ceilings, you need to contact a specialist to take care of the problem. Otherwise, you will be faced with water issues such as mold and mildew and other problems such as wet rot or dry rot.

Act Fast to Save Carpeting

If your flood damage involves rain-soaked carpeting, it may be salvaged if it is caught in time. However, you have to act fast. Carpet soaked for over 24 hours cannot be saved. However, if you call out a carpet cleaning company that takes care of flood damage, you can have the carpet cleaned and saved it.

Timing Is Crucial

Besides taking care of flood damage, businesses that offer this service also offer expanded carpet cleaning services. For instance, you may have a carpet in your basement that you wish to clean. If so, timing, again, is everything.

For example, cleaning a carpet installed in a basement should not be done in the summertime. You are just adding moisture to an already-damp area. Some homeowners who install carpeting with tack strips will remove the rug for cleaning.

Where to Obtain Further Details

Would you like to know more about taking care of flood-damaged carpeting or carpet cleaning services? If so, contact us for further details. Any type of moisture problem can be remedied if you stay on top of an issue. Once more, it pays — literally — to act fast. Doing so will reduce an overall headache and cost of taking care of damages.

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