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Save Money on Your Appliance Repairs with the Following Tips

Save a lot of money when it comes to appliance repair in Slidell. Check out the following tips.

Go for easy fixes

Before you call in for pros to fix every single appliance problem you have, be sure to go through a list of no-brainer solutions, the Family Handyman says. This includes checking if the unit is plugged properly, flipping the circuit breaker and more. Let these simple fixes make it easier for you to solve your appliance problems.

Clean everything

Keeping your appliances clean can prolong their service life. That includes wiping spills off your stove, cleaning the inside of your microwave and fridge and more. If you aren’t cleaning those spills, taking out the crumbs or removing any of the food debris, then that’s going to affect the longevity of your units.

Don’t overload

You may think it’s smart and practical to cram as many clothes as possible into your washer and dryer in one go. But overloading both appliances can lead to extensive damage to the motors and belts as well as to other moving parts of your appliances. That’s going to lead to expensive repairs and even premature replacement costs.

Get help

If your units are showing signs of trouble, and the problems are beyond your skill set and comprehension, ditch any of your DIY plans. Look into hiring a technician for appliance repair in Slidell instead. With a pro to help you out, your repairs are sure to go along without a hitch.

Cover the basics

Before you say yes to any of the repairs, ask questions. Read the contract. What’s the extent of the damage? What will the repairs entail? What parts are being replaced, if any? Is there a warranty? You’ll want to get into the details of the transaction before you move forward with anything else.

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