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4 Mistakes To Avoid During A Schaumburg Kitchen Remodeling Project

Working with DESIGNfirst Builders in Schaumburg takes all the stress, frustration and difficulties out of a kitchen remodeling job. As experienced professionals, this company can provide full project completion and create a beautiful new kitchen space that is everything the homeowners wanted.

Unfortunately, people still make mistakes during a kitchen remodel. The most common mistakes can easily result in extended time to project completion, increased costs and even design features that are less than anticipated.

Mistake1: Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a big task. It involves carpentry, expertise in tile and flooring, electrical work as well as plumbing work. It is also a remodeling project that requires significant attention to detail, and with experience and expertise in these areas, it can be a long, challenging project to complete on your own.

Calling in experts after starting the remodeling project can result in an overall higher cost, so working with these professionals from the design phase is always the best option.

Mistake 2: Trying To Be Your Own General Contractor

Trying to coordinate a kitchen renovation in Schaumburg is difficult unless you are experienced as a contractor. Knowing which professionals to call in, what order to schedule jobs and even who to turn to is always a challenge.

Mistake 3: Not Listening to Advice

When working with expert designers, listen to the advice and information provided. While it is possible to do virtually anything in a remodel, some changes homeowners may want to make are not going to create a final kitchen space that is practical, functional and beautiful.

Mistake 4: Not Considering The Budget

A common mistake in a kitchen remodeling project is for the homeowner to insist on specific feature or option in the design or the materials, but they forget how that impacts on the available money for the job.

For example, the choice of marble, granite or other options in natural stone countertops in a large kitchen is beautiful, but it is also very costly. Natural stone countertops require quality cabinets, which means a greater overall cost for the project that may not work with the actual budget.

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