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Deciding Between a New Appliance and Washer Repair in Shrewsbury MA

No matter how kindly people treat their washing machines, it’s likely that one day washer repair in Shrewsbury MA will become necessary. If many years have passed since the purchase of this appliance, the owners may wonder whether repair is worth the cost or whether they should opt for a brand new machine.

Budget and Personality

The decision rests on a variety of factors, including the person’s budget and personality. Someone who is frugal and a conservationist may lean toward keeping the old machine, even if it isn’t as energy-efficient as newer ones. A person who has extra spending money and loves to buy new things might start shopping.

Consulting a Repair Technician

If they want to consult with a repair technician about this, they’ll want to call a trustworthy company such as Business Name. Since this type of organization does not sell appliances, the representatives have no reason to encourage customers to buy something new. The technician determines the extent of the problem requiring washer repair in Shrewsbury MA. Click Here for details on this particular organization.

Nuts and Bolts

In some instances, the repair work would cost more than half as much as a new machine. That’s the time when technicians often recommend buying a replacement. Much of the time, however, the project is a relatively minor one. And even if the repair work will be expensive, the machine owners may still prefer to keep their old equipment. Spending $225 on a repair job is still cheaper than spending $400 on a new machine, especially when this older model might run for many years yet. They may not like the possibility of planned obsolescence and prefer to have this appliance running as long as possible.


The customers may have learned some information about newer machines with online searches. For instance, Consumer Reports informs men and women about the unreliability of many newer appliances compared with older models. Some 20 percent of newer appliances have to be repaired within three years. That’s a troubling statistic for old-school homeowners who count on the equipment to easily go a decade or more without a service call.

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