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The Importance of Commercial Landscape Lighting in Nanaimo BC

If your business only operates in the daytime hours, you may have few needs for landscape lighting in Nanaimo BC. However, just about every business has some nighttime hours, especially during winter when the days are short. Lighting up your landscape is very beneficial and here are some benefits of lighting and some tips to get the most from your lighting.

Crime Prevention

A well-lit business exterior can prevent many problems. For example, criminals feel more confident when they can hide under the cover of darkness. Proper lighting removes the darkness and the shadows and helps to deter thieves and vandals.

Liability Issues

You have business liability insurance to cover issues like slips and falls. However, with proper landscape lighting for your Nanaimo BC business, you can avoid many potential slipping hazards. This helps to lower your business risk factors.

More Business

If people cannot see your business at night, they may pass right by and go somewhere else. Proper lighting is like a beacon directing customers to your place of business.

Lighting Tips

When you plan your landscape lighting in Nanaimo BC, consider all the possible shadows. Shadows can lower your security and make it easier for accidents to happen. Some important places to check include pathways and steps.

Accent Light to Draw Attention

Do you have a focal point in your landscape? It may show up fine in the daytime but at night you may need to accent it with lighting. Your local lighting showroom has a wide selection of accent lighting fixtures.

The Value of Dusk to Dawn Lighting

It may not cost as much as you think to automate lighting. Instead of investing in expensive timer systems, consider buying fixtures with built-in photo cell features. In fact, many modern LED bulbs have built-in dusk to dawn capabilities. This can save you a lot of money on energy.

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