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Tidying Up the Landscape With a Stump Remover in Anaheim

For various reasons, many people leave the tree stump in place after they have a tree cut down or after one is felled by a storm. Others feel that this piece of the original tree is unsightly and they decide to hire a Stump Remover in Anaheim. Tree service technicians who remove trees can also get rid of the stumps at the same time or shortly afterward. If the customer isn’t sure yet about having this project done, a technician can return to the property at any time to do the work.

The Option of Leaving the Stump in Place

Some property owners play around with the idea of leaving the stump there and making it part of the landscaping. They might set a big flower pot on it, for instance, or make it a focal point for an area with birdfeeders and birdhouses. Most tree stumps require maintenance, though, because hardy sprouts pop up routinely and must be cut away. Otherwise, they will turn into thick branches.

There are people who see the growing of sprouts as a chance to experiment with gathering the shoots for decorative purposes, such as creating wreaths or displays in vases. In reality, there are so many other ways of doing this that keeping a tree stump for that purpose is pointless.

Applying Herbicide

There are two main strategies for getting rid of a stump. Drilling holes in the wood and pouring in herbicide granules causes the wood to gradually disintegrate. Certain herbicides, such as broadleaf weed killer, may need to be avoided if other trees and shrubs are growing in the area. The poison can be transferred through the root systems if they have intertwined.

Grinding the Wood

The other strategy is to grind the wood up with a mechanical device, which can eliminate the stump quickly. This machine can be acquired temporarily from places that rent home improvement and yard equipment, but most people hire a professional Stump Remover in Anaheim because the work is a big, dirty and tiring project. The grinding is done not only on the surface but at least six inches below ground by workers from an organization like Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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