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Popular Features of Surveillance Systems, Buy in Chicago

Are you looking into surveillance systems for your Chicago home? If so, you should know more about the features. Though all of these systems are a bit different, many of them are customizable to suit your needs. Here are some popular features you might see during your search:

Low-Light Viewing

It can be difficult to see images from surveillance cameras when it is dark, so you might want to consider those with a low-light viewing feature. If this isn’t something you want to add, you can get a better image outdoors by adding a porchlight.

High-Res Images

If you want the best images, a high-resolution camera is your best bet. These cameras allow you to see small details, which could help to solve a crime.

Remote Monitoring

Making sure that your system is monitored is important, too. Many companies offer to monitor for surveillance systems, and you can also stream images from your cameras to your internet-connected device.

Motion Detectors

It can be costly to keep cameras on all of the time, so you might also want to consider systems that have motion detectors. As soon as motion is detected, the camera flips on to monitor the situation. This is advantageous because you won’t waste resources, like drive space, and you won’t waste time viewing footage that is not relevant.


You want to make sure that you choose a system that doesn’t stream or save a small amount of footage. If you ever want to go back and look at the footage, you must choose a system that records and saves it. Just keep in mind that they more the system records, the more storage space you will need.

Have you been looking at surveillance systems? If so, contact Alert Protective Services in Chicago.

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