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3 Creative Uses for Mirror Tile in Lancaster, CA

When homeowners think about mirror tiles, many just assume that they are used on a wall to create a unique look or to open up a room and create the look of more space. But this isn’t the only use for Mirror Tile in Lancaster CA. Instead, there are tons of different ways to incorporate the material into a home’s decor using a little bit of creativity and some ingenuity.

On a Bookcase

If the goal is to prevent the look of clutter, a bookshelf isn’t going to be filled from top to bottom on every shelf. Instead, space is left between items to create an open look. Take that one step further and use Mirror Tile in Lancaster CA on the backing. This can ensure that the contents get some additional attention. Or, if that seems like too much, consider covering one of the shelves with mirror tile to highlight the objects on top.

On the Fireplace

Skip over the traditional tiles and use mirror tiles on the fireplace. The edges of the fireplace can be covered with the tiles, creating an interesting look as the reflection of different objects around it bounces off the mirrors. This can create a unique look when the fireplace is lit as well. Or, skip over the mantle and place the tiles around the fireplace, creating a border and ensuring that the actual fireplace takes centre stage on the wall.

At the Table

Not interested in anything permanent? There are tons of ways to use a mirror tile as part of a dining room table. Place a centrepiece on top of a tile to give it a special look. Take things one step further by putting the tile underneath a candle, catching the light and spreading it around the space. Sometimes a mirror tile will even work as a place mat when the table is set up for decoration. The possibilities are endless.

With so many different ways to use mirror tiles, it’s important to find a reputable retailer. Check out visit us website to not only look at the product but also get some creative decorating ideas. It’s amazing to see just what simple tiles can do to change the overall look of a room.

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