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The Very Best Non-Impact Window Installers in Plantation, FL

In areas that have hurricanes or tornadoes, windows are typically considered to be impact or nonimpact windows. An impact window is typically made from two pieces of glass. These double-glazed windows can have a vacuum in between the panes of glass, or a cushion of air between them. They’re often considered storm windows because they are resistant to damage from wind and debris. A non-impact window is typically a single pane of glass that is not rated for storms. They are much more affordable windows. Non-impact window installers will tell you that impact windows are not necessary if you have shutters.

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are available in many different varieties. Non-impact window installers in Plantation, FL can also install shutters. You can typically get roller shutters, or shutters that open and close like doors. Roller shutters roll down like garage doors to protect your windows. Other shutters close and latch to protect your windows. Shutters can latch from the outside or the inside.

You can get more information about shutters by visiting window installers. Shutters that lock from the outside are only good for protecting your windows from storms. If you want to protect your home from vandals or burglars, you need shutters that lock on the inside.

Affordable Windows

Many people choose non-impact window installers because they make more affordable windows. If you already have shutters or plan on having shutters installed, it wouldn’t make much sense to buy impact windows. That would mean you are covering up your storm windows, even though you paid extra to not cover them up. Non-impact windows are great for anyone who wants to save money. Even if you buy impact windows, it might be helpful to buy shutters in case of particularly strong storms.

The choice is up to you, but you should do what it takes to keep your home safe.

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