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Is Hardwood Flooring in Chicago the Way to Go?

Hardwood flooring in Chicago has over the years been such an instrumental part of flooring solutions for the house. Wood is a natural beauty, and the look is often so appealing and inviting. It is eye catching and makes the house look attractive and warm. There are different sizes, shapes, and colors all tailored to meet the client’s preferences. Whatever budget one has, hardwood flooring is a perfect fit for almost any budget.

These types of flooring come in two options: engineered and solid flooring. Engineered is composed of two or more layers of wood with the top most being wood veneer. The other lower layers consist of plywood or HDF. Solid on the other hand consists of only one layer whose thickness is usually 34” inches. Naturally, wood expands during warm summers, and the engineered flooring has very minimal expansion.

Some people may ask whether it is safe to install hardwood floors in the kitchen. The fact is, yes it is safe however it is important to ensure that any spills on the floor are immediately wiped to avoid staining. There are a few measures taken to ensure there are minimal damages on the floor. People should avoid walking in heels on the hardwood floors. Also, avoid the 2-in-1 cleaners and especially those that have urethane polish or acrylics.

Interestingly, hardwood flooring in Chicago goes with any décor. Ancient, modern or country based decor will always rhyme with wood flooring. It is quite a durable and long lasting investment that will serve for many years.

One the advantage of installing these types of floors is that they are easy to maintain since one just dusts or vacuum cleans. They also don’t trap any allergens like pollen or dust which goes a long way in ensuring minimal chances of allergen-related illnesses. When considering the types of hardwood floors to pick, especially for traffic areas go for Oak, Cherry or Maple.

Everybody loves their floor looking presentable that’s why there is a need to contract companies who understand their client’s needs. It is always important to be on the lookout for businesses that have in the past done unique flooring styles for previous happy customers. Check the reviews and get listed companies in Better Business Bureau to increase chances of finding reliable companies. Go to Website for various flooring options.

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