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The Basic Elements Of A Walk In Freezer

Walk in freezers can be literally any size, including units that take up an entire factory floor. These insulated spaces are used to store product or to display it. Walk in freezers in California are found in numerous industries but they are primarily used in the food processing, food service and food sales industries.

Types of walk in freezers:

There are two basic types of walk in freezers, those that are built into a building and free standing prefabricated units. The majority of them are prefabricated; they are constructed using insulated panels that are sized in accordance with the use and quantity of goods to be stored. There are benefits to prefabricated walk in freezers in California, perhaps the one most often cited is the fact that the freezer can be expanded easily and it can be dissembled and moved to a different location or site.

The elements of a typical walk in freezer:

Like most things, there are bound to be differences in construction from one supplier to another. Basically though, they are little more than a sophisticated insulated box with an integral cooling unit. The elements are few; the floor, the wall panels, the door and the cooling system.

Wall panels: Wall panels can be manufactured to specification, they use polystyrene or polyurethane as the insulating material, this is sandwiched between sheets. Panels can be installed either in a building or outdoors and fit together using a Camlock action and pins, installation time is greatly reduced using this assembly method.

Doors: There are many different door options available, anything from a standard hinged man door to electric operated bi-fold doors for speed of action. In retail operations glass doors are usually specified.

Refrigeration: Typically, walk in freezers in California have peak times when they are being accessed. Refrigeration units are sized in such a way that they perform perfectly when demand on the freezer is at the maximum.

Modern units are beginning to favor LED lighting as they use 90 percent less energy than conventional incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

If your business is such that it requires walk in freezers in California you will want the best. With over 50 year’s experience, TKS Cold Storage MFG & Construction is a recognized industry leader. You are invited to discuss your refrigeration needs with the experts; Turn Key Systems.

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