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Designing and Dreaming: Remodel Tips for Cabinets in Tucson When Working with a Small Kitchen

Tied to a small space for the kitchen? Millions of Americans are, but many make do with some really well-placed aesthetic choices. Below are three smart tips to getting the most out of a small space, especially while using cabinets.

Hanging Spot for Pans

In a kitchen remodel, do not be concerned over excess storage and cabinet space. The reason is that many objects that would normally go in a cabinet can actually hang free and open. The best examples are the pots and pans. Pots and pans are large and bulky, and there is no practical way to get them to fit together well in a neat stack. This is where the pot and pan cabinet becomes a tiresome mess. Consider laying all of them out and hanging them on indented boards. Pot racks can hang above the stove, on a side wall, or actually in front of the stove or on a rank along shelving.

Roll it in and Out

A remodel, especially one with the extensive addition of new cabinetry, should look at rolling items in and out. This manifests in tables that can actually roll into the countertop. It is a logical way to make more space where it couldn’t be. Hollowing out the inner countertop will allow for homeowners to pull out what they need when they need it. Kitchen cabinets can also extend outwardly as well. The cabinets can potentially compress into the space to allow for sliding additions, hanging hooks, or other kitchen options for improved space.

Lighten the Cabinets in Tucson

Why is white a more popular color than black for kitchen cabinets? The answer is deceptively simple. Black appears smaller. There is a scientific reason for this, but it essentially boils down to the lack of light bouncing and moving about within the kitchen space. Black absorbs light (which is why black colors are invariably hotter temperature-wise than white cars). The Cabinets in Tucson could afford to be lightened up. For increased dramatic effect, consider using a natural wood palette. Keep the paint out for a very rustic perspective.

Contact us for more little details about taking advantage of science and innovation in a kitchen remodel. No remodel is created equal, and some savvy moves early on could go a long way in doubling the visual space with the same actual amount of space.

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