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Repairing, Painting And Sealing A Wooden Door And Additional Garage Door Services Scottsdale AZ

If there are a few holes in a wooden garage door’s exterior, filling them will prevent moisture from entering a garage and improve the appearance of a garage. Primer, paint, and sealer that are applied afterward will revitalize a garage door and protect the wood.


* power sander
* sandpaper (coarse and fine grit)
* The wood cleaning agent
* bucket of warm water
* deck brush
* narrow scrub brush (stiff bristles)
* wood putty
* caulk gun
* plastic putty knife
* painter’s tape
* drop cloths
* exterior spray primer
* exterior spray paint
* sealer
* paintbrush
* paint tray

Sanding, Cleaning And Repairing Wood

A power sander that has a piece of coarse paper secured to it can be moved back and forth in straight lines over a door’s exterior. Once the wood has a smooth surface, it can be lightly sanded with a piece of fine grit paper. A wood cleaning agent should be poured into a bucket of warm water. A deck brush or narrow scrub brush can be used to administer a cleaning solution. Either cleaning tool should be moved back and forth over stained surfaces. Once the wood is clean, it should be rinsed with a strong stream of water. A door’s exterior needs to dried thoroughly before repairing holes

Filling Holes And Applying Primer, Paint And Sealer

A caulk gun should be used to fill holes with wood sealer. A plastic putty knife can be used to smooth the oputty. After the putty hardens, it should be lightly sanded until it is smooth. Sanding dust can be removed from the wood with a tack cloth. Strips of tape should be secured around windows on a door and attached to hardware. Drop cloths can be laid out in front of a door. An even coat of spray primer should be applied to wood. After the primer has dried, spray paint can be applied over it. One or two coats of paint should be added.

A paintbrush can be used to apply sealer in straight lines. Once the sealer has dried, strips of tape should be removed carefully from the door’s surface. Individuals can learn about Garage Door Services Scottsdale AZ when they Visit online.

A Neighborhood Garage Door Service can assist with installations, repairs, and maintenance Garage Door Services Scottsdale AZ.

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