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Frame Options for Window Replacement in Sparks, NV

Window Replacement in Sparks NV is an excellent way to increase energy-efficiency and save a significant amount of money on utility costs for years into the future. A full return on the investment is typically realized in three to five years. The exact time depends upon the type of glass selected, the quality of the windows, and the extent of the project. Going over all possible options with the glass contractor first will help homeowners decide which options to choose.

Insulated glass, for example, is better suited to block wind and rain, keep heat in, and lower costs than standard glass. Adding a Low-E coating to insulated windows adds even more efficiency. The coating also blocks ultraviolet rays that raise the temperature in the summer, and fades fabrics and carpets. Experienced companies can discuss features and benefits of all offered products regarding performance, aesthetics, and efficiency. Discussing costs, financing options, and the extent of the project is also helpful. The highest rate of efficiency and savings is experienced when all the windows are replaced at once. That is not always feasible due to financial constraints. The project can be completed in stages and should always start with the replacement of the north-facing windows.

The frame options for Window Replacement in Sparks NV are also an important factor in future savings. Wood frames require a lot of maintenance to remain energy-efficient. Painting and staining have to be kept in excellent condition to prevent cracking and warping of the frames. Sealant has to be applied periodically to make the frames waterproof. Excess moisture getting into the wood will rot the frames and allow drafts. The windows can become misaligned as water freezes and thaws. Wood frames are beautiful and can be durable as long as owners are aware of the high maintenance needed.

Aluminum window frames require less maintenance than wood and are available in a multitude of colors. Vinyl frames are durable, efficient, and virtually maintenance-free. They will not crack, fade, or warp due to harsh weather conditions. The reality is that any type of frame will look fantastic when cared for properly. The overall efficiency of the new windows will be based on the combination of glass and frame material selected. Homeowners can Click Here to learn about options, discover the variety of combinations possible, and make an appointment for an in-home assessment and consultation.

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