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Answers To Questions About Roof Replacement in Weatherford, TX

Due to age or extreme weather, there may come a time when a homeowner will face the prospect of having to have the roof of the home replaced. This can be quite an ordeal to go through. With that in mind, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX.

Q: How long will it take to replace the roof?

A: This depends on the extent of the damage the roof has undergone. If the damage is not too severe, there may be a possibility the roof only needs to be repaired and not replaced. However, if there is any indication of structural damage beneath the roof itself, then complete roof replacement will most likely be recommended. The only way to truly know is to have a professional roof repair company perform an inspection.

Q: Can any roofer be hired to perform the job?

A: Not really. Some contractors may only be qualified to perform minor roof repair such as replacing shingles or doing other surface work. For Roof Replacement in Weatherford TX, use a company that is licensed and insured to perform actual replacement and repair on the underlying structure.

Q: Does the company really need to be licensed and insured?

A: It is strongly recommended that they are. By having a license, it proves the company has passed a certain level of expertise to be able to acquire the license and has met or surpassed all minimum state requirements. The insurance covers any accidental damage that may occur or any injuries a worker may suffer while on your property. The results could very well be devastating if an uninsured company is hired and someone is hurt while on the property of the homeowner.

Q: Is the homeowner responsible for the debris from the old roof?

A: Not typically. The contractor will generally have a large dumpster and will haul off any job-related debris as part of the cost of the job.

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