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Getting Commercial Wood Shake Roof Repair in Lawrence KS Done

When a business has a roof covered with wood shakes, it will be necessary to take steps to maintain it so it retains its appearance. Failing to do Commercial Wood Shake Roof Repair in Lawrence KS in a timely manner can lead to subsequent repair work, often expensive to fix. Here are some steps a roofing company would take in keeping cedar shakes looking their best for years to come.

Cleaning Of The Roof To Remove Debris

A roofing company will come to the property to remove any debris that has landed upon the rooftop. Any accumulated dirt between the shakes will be removed with aid from a leaf blower or power washer. Larger pieces of debris will be removed by hand or swept from the top of the roof. If this debris is not removed quickly, water may accumulate around the pieces, leading to the chance of deterioration of the wood pieces as a result.

Evaluating The Condition Of The Roof To Make Repairs

If some of the wood shakes on a roof become damaged, water may make its way underneath, leading to leaking inside of the business. A roofing company will inspect the condition of the rooftop and replace any shakes that appear to have cracked portions present. Shakes that have come loose will be nailed back into place to seal moisture from getting into the interior of the building.

Enhancing The Color Of The Roof With The Right Solution

Cedar shakes give a building a pleasing red hue. To keep the color intact, a pigment solution should be added every year or two. This can be applied by a roofing company with ease. They will add the color enhancing solution to the cedar shakes after the roof is cleaned and checked for areas where damage is present.

If a business wishes to call a service to do Commercial Wood Shake Roof Repair, they will want to find a business known for their professionalism and fair pricing structure. Get more information about a service dedicated to making business rooftops stand out with appropriate cleaning and repair practices today.

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