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Natural And Safe Methods That Can Be Used For Ant Control In Anne Arundel County

A sugar ant infestation may occur if food crumbs are left on surfaces in a kitchen. Ants that enter a home will signal other pests, which could result in an entire colony entering a residence. The following tips can be used to eliminate ants and discourage new ones from inhabiting a home. Each tip is safe to use and involves using natural products.

Spraying Surfaces With Citrus Oil

The citrus oil contains a natural ingredient that kills ants on contact. Oil also emits a scent that ants and other pests dislike. People, however, often enjoy the scent of the oil and can freshen up a kitchen area, dining room or any other part of a home where pests are located. Non-porous surfaces can be sprayed liberally with citrus oil. A lint-free cloth needs to be wiped over areas that have been treated in order to eliminate traces of food. Citrus oil can be reapplied as often as necessary.

Sprinkling Boric Acid Along Walls

Boric acid granules are unscented and do not pose a threat to humans or pets unless a large amount of them are consumed. If ants walk through boric acid or ingest some of the granules, their exoskeletons and organs will become damaged. Once ants are severely dehydrated, they will die. Boric acid can be sprinkled evenly along walls. The granules are capable of wiping out large colonies of ants. Like citrus oi, boric acid can be reapplied as needed.

Applying Herbal Oil To The Inside Of Closets And Drawers

Many types of herbal oil are commonly used for Ant Control in Anne Arundel County. Sugar ants and other varieties of ants are not fond of oils and will find a habitat that is not located near spots where oil has been applied. Oil can be rubbed onto surfaces with a cloth. After several days, ants will no longer be spotted. Oils can be used as often as an individual would like in order to provide continuous Ant Control in Anne Arundel County.

Once ants have been eliminated, keeping a home’s interior clean will prevent a future infestation. More information about ant control and ways to eliminate other pests can be obtained by visiting us or a similar website.

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