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Reducing The Risk Of Injury By Hiring Floor Refinishers In Topeka KS

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home because of the amount of moisture and humidity present in this area. There are several steps one can take to minimize the risk of a slip and fall accident in the bathroom. Here are some tips one can use to revitalize their bathroom so it is safer for all who use it.

Add Grab Bars And A Walk-In Bathtub

Placing grab bars on walls of a bathroom is a great idea to assist those who may have difficulty walking around without falling. The bars can be positioned next to the tub, sink and toilet so those in the bathroom can grasp onto one for a bit more stability as they walk around to different areas in the room. A walk-in bathtub is also a great feature to place in a bathroom. There is no need to lift the legs over the side of the tub to get inside, making a slip and fall injury less likely as a result. Instead the user can open a hinged door and walk into the area with ease.

Make Sure Mats Are Slip Resistant

The mats in a bathroom should always have a rubber backing in place. This will help those using the bathroom not to skid across a floor when conditions are not completely dry. Rubber adhesive stickers can also be placed upon the floors of bathtubs and showers to help keep people from sliding when using these amenities.

Refinish Tiles To Help Avoid Falling Incidents

Calling Floor Refinishers in Topeka KS is one way to ensure the tiled flooring in a bathroom is slip resistant. This type of service specializes in the refinishing not only of tiled surfaces, but also a variety of counter top mediums.

When someone wishes to hire floor refinishers in Topeka KS to help reduce injury in a bathroom, they will want to hire a company with a great amount of experience in revitalizing a variety of surfaces. Check out to find out more about the services this fine company offers and to make an appointment for an evaluation of the room to be revamped.

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