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Keep the Weather Outside With Quality Roof Remodeling in Mount Prospect IL

The typical residential roof is made from a variety of materials. The base of the structure is a skeleton of rafters and joists designed to support the weight of the roofing. Next is a layer of decking. Common decking materials are engineered woods such as plywood and OSB (oriented strand board). These are generally four foot by eight foot, sheets that are easily installed. Next should be a layer of roofing felt or similar membrane to keep moisture off of the decking. This can be an important roofing component because engineered wood doesn’t mix well with rain or ice. Problems occur once the fibers of the wood get saturated and begin to swell. This breaks any bonds with the resin that originally held the material together and often results in the need for immediate Roof Remodeling Mount Prospect IL.

The final layer on the roof often depends on the construction style of the home. Expert roofers such as C & R Home Improvements Inc recommend composite shingles for most sloped roofs, but alternatives such as fiber-cement tiles or stamped steel are also available. One reason that composite shingles are so popular is that most versions of this roofing material are extremely durable and offer lengthy warranties. In fact. some manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty on certain shingle types. However, there are some products that do not last as long such as the budget-grade, three-tab shingle that is popular with some home builders. These products tend to last about 12 years.

Another reason to consider Roof Remodeling Mount Prospect IL is changing from one roof covering to another. While it is possible to cover an asphalt shingled roof with certain steel products, this only works if the roof is sturdy enough to handle the extra weight. Replacing an existing roof with alternatives such as fiber-cement requires the removal of the old roofing and ensuring that the supporting structure is reliable. This means checking the rafters and decking for signs of rot and replacing any damaged materials. In certain cases, these tasks are required when keeping the same type of roofing because sealants tend to dry out and allow water to seep under the roof.

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