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Caring For Epoxy Garage Flooring

When someone wishes to protect a cement garage floor, adding a layer of epoxy is a great way to obtain this result. Most people will call a professional to help with the installation of epoxy, but the job can also be done by the homeowner themselves if they feel they are handy with tools. Here are some steps one can use to add epoxy to Garage Flooring.

First, the floor will need to be cleaned in its entirety. This will allow the epoxy solution to adhere properly, giving it an even appearance. Scrubbing the floor by hand with a mild detergent mixed in water will work well at removing any debris from the surface. It is important to pay attention to any cracks in the flooring as they may have accumulated debris, oil, or other substances. Use a scrub brush to remove this material. Afterward, rinse the floor with a garden hose to remove any cleaning agent remnants.

Fill in any cracks in the floor with an epoxy filler. This substance is pliable and can be pushed into crevices easily. A putty knife should be used to smooth the material over the edges of the cracks. After it hardens, the filler should be sanded to remove any protrusions from the floor.

Epoxy should be applied while wearing a respirator since it is a chemical agent. The garage door should also be opened during application. Epoxy needs to be mixed with water before it is applied. The water to agent ratio will be listed on the epoxy packaging. Start in a far corner of the garage and work back and forth until the agent reaches the door. It will be important not to walk upon the flooring until it is totally dry.

If someone needs more information about how to apply this substance to a garage floor, or if they wish to have a service apply the Garage Flooring for them, a call can be made to a professional company. Visit Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation to find out more about the process in installing epoxy or to schedule an appointment for a service to do the job.

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