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How to Pick Laminate Countertops in San Fernando Valley, CA

If a homeowner is considering laminate countertops for the kitchen, he or she may well feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Here are a few tips to help with the decision process.

Dark Colors Show Scratches

While laminate is certainly durable, scratches are inevitable as kitchen counters endure heavy wear. Scratches are usually light colored, so they are visible against deeper colors and almost impossible to hide. If a homeowner has his or her heart set on a deep color for his or her laminate countertops in San Fernando Valley, CA, it is advisable to find a pattern in that color which will disguise the scratches.

A Matte Finish Helps Hide Wear

A matte finish is a great choice for laminate countertops. Glossy finishes accentuate scratches whereas matte hides heavy wear. Some matte counters have a coarser surface which is highly attractive in a kitchen, but will require more careful cleaning. Visit website for a variety of counters.

Post-Formed Tops with Non-Drip Edges Offer Convenience

Laminate counters come in an array of edge treatments and shades and the most common is known as “post-formed,” meaning the top is formed from a single piece of material shaped into a backsplash at the back and a rounded edge on the front. As it is a single piece, there are no corners or seams to catch dirt, making it easy to keep clean. Some come with a slightly raised front edge to keep spills from running over, too.

Ultimately, the counters a homeowner chooses for his or her kitchen will depend on his or her budget, his or her preferences, and how he or she uses his or her kitchen, along with how much maintenance and cleaning he or she is willing to do. Overall, laminate is an easy to clean solution and a sponge with household cleaner and hot water can do the trick. Visit website URL for more details.

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