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Safe and Humane Geese Removal in Columbus, OH

The image that comes to mind when you think about geese will probably depend on how much personal experience you’ve had with them. For those who love to watch their majestic flight over their home towns along migration routes, geese are beautiful creatures. But for those who have to suffer their presence year round, geese can be a major nuisance or worse. What many who don’t have first-hand knowledge of this large species of bird underestimates is their aggression? During mating season, this aggression can become dangerous. If you have small children or small pets, you have good reason to be looking into geese removal in Columbus OH. Even a mid-sized dog is no match for adult male geese. If you’re sick of being terrorized by these wild birds, or have grown sick of cleaning their droppings off of your front lawn, it may be time to call in the pros.

Wildlife management specialists have years of experience and appropriate training at their command. A company providing these services can save you a whole lot of hassle. Solutions such as visual and audio devices can frighten them away and keep them off your lawn for good, and the chemical aversion products available to companies often prove much more effective than store bought products. If these first line defenses are ineffective, some wildlife management agents bring in the help of some obliging canines, while others employ pyrotechnics to scare them off.

In extreme cases, habitat modification can be employed to change your yard or other outdoor living environment into one that is no longer appealing to geese. Fencing and grids are another possibilities. These are last resorts. An experienced wildlife professional should be able to employ less drastic measures to help you deal with your bird problem. Of course, you’re not alone. Many Ohio residents have been experiencing increased trouble.

Although geese are traditionally migratory animals, many Columbus residents have been recently remarking a year round Canada Goose presence. This makes keeping them off your property even more of a priority. There’s just no reason to put up with another year of goose droppings and terrorized pets. Get more information about Geese Removal in Columbus OH now.

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