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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Showers in Kansas City

One of the big decisions that need to be made when outfitting a bathroom is what type of shower to get. Understanding all of the different options available for Bathroom Showers in Kansas City will make the decision a little bit easier.

Fixture Types

The most common types of shower fixtures are single-head spray showerheads. However, it’s also possible to have dual or multiple showerheads on the wall or the large, flat rain shower head that sprays straight down. For more flexibility, some people opt for a hand-held showerhead. This type of showerhead can be left in the fixture to be used like a single-head spray showerhead or lifted out and held in the hand to get to those hard-to -reach places or more easily wash a child or pet.

Enclosure Type

The other main decision is the type of shower enclosure. The most common arrangement is to put the showerhead over the tub and use a shower curtain or sliding glass doors to complete the enclosure but, these days, many people are opting for custom shower enclosures for a more spacious shower area. These shower enclosures can be made either with metal frames or frameless glass, or some people opt to have them built out of tiled walls if they have a larger bathroom. The glass can be frosted or patterned to help provide privacy. It’s still a good idea to keep at least one bathtub in the house, especially if you’re considering selling the home in the future, as some people prefer baths to showers, and bathtubs tend to be an easier way to bathe small children.

Other Considerations

Save money on the water bill by choosing showerheads that are part of the EPA’s WaterSense program, as this help limit water use while still providing plenty of water pressure for most people. Another option is to install an anti-scald pressure balance valve that helps maintain a constant water temperature even if someone turns on another faucet in the house. It also ensures the water doesn’t get so hot as to burn a person using the shower. This is a particularly useful thing to have in homes with small children.

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