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Information on Oak Trees in Fort Worth, Texas

Oak trees are native to the Northern Hemisphere extending from the Americas to North Africa. Approximately 600 species exist worldwide, with about 90 of them occurring in the United States. It is one of the most prevalent species of trees within the United States and has been named by Congress as America’s National Tree. With 42 species of Oak trees, Texas is home to more species of Oak than any other state, accounting for almost 65% of all Oak species in the U.S.

Some of the most popular species of Oak Trees in Fort Worth, Texas, and the state as a whole include the following:

* Live Oak – Also known as the Southern Live Oak is an icon of the South. Although not an evergreen it does tend to retain its leaves year-round, dropping them all at once just before the new ones appear in the spring. The species most people are familiar with are those with low-hanging branches that sweep near the ground before curving upward again. There are several famous Live Oaks in the U.S., including The Big Tree, a 500-year old specimen located in Rockport, TX. Click here to find more examples.

* Post Oak – As the name implies it is used primarily for making fence posts due to its durability and longevity when in contact with the ground. Many grow up to 75-feet tall and have a lovely gray bark resembling scales. The wood is known commercially as white oak and is widely used to make planks, siding, railroad ties, stair treads and risers, and trim molding.

* Red Oak – Oaks trees are not known for their displays of color during the Fall season. However, the Texas Red Oak is an exception. Its leaves turn out a brilliant show of striking orange and red hues rivaling any Maple tree. They prefer the non-acidic, limestone soil of Central Texas.

Oak Trees in Fort Worth provide many benefits including providing shade, blocking or reducing the wind, and preventing soil erosion with its roots. The fruit (acorns) are a source of food for many species of wildlife from birds to squirrels, deer, and even bears. It is a sustainable source of wood treasured for its longevity, strength, and hardness used to create furniture, flooring, and cabinetry. Most importantly, Oak trees provided an unmatched beauty to the landscape, whether by striking a handsome pose in the winter or offering a brilliant display of fall colors.

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