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The Basics Of Mold Damage Remediation

If a homeowner has never had to hire a mold remediation service, they may not know what to expect before, during, and after the job. There are certain things the customer should do to prepare. An hour before they arrive, the remediation zone should be cleared. House pets should be sequestered, and cars should be moved from the garage to allow as much access as possible to the affected area. Read on to learn the various stages of Mold Damage restoration and cleanup.

Getting Ready to Kill Mold

The remediation company will park as close as possible to the doorway and lay down protective sheeting before running hoses to spray biocide to the affected area. If the damage is accessible from the home’s exterior, the job is much easier. A good restoration company will keep the home clean while at work, and they will make the removal process as quick and sanitary as possible.

Don’t be Afraid of Workers in Protective Gear

As with other hazardous jobs, such as lead paint or asbestos removal, Mold Damage technicians wear full protective suits, respirators, and goggles. That doesn’t always mean that the mold to be removed is toxic; it’s just standard safety procedure. Workers must protect themselves from the potentially harmful effects of mold, and homeowners should do the same by getting remediation done as soon as possible after water damage or a flood.


The two-step mold-killing process starts when the affected area is sprayed with a biocide. This EPA-approved liquid quickly kills mold after the workers have departed. During the second step, the entire area is sprayed with an encapsulant, which is a special paint that encloses any remaining mold spores. Even in areas where no visible mold exists, the surrounding areas should be treated to ensure that mold isn’t spread.

During the restoration process, homeowners should try to stay clear of the treatment area. Most mold restoration processes are safe, but there’s always the possibility that mold spores could be released into the air. Mold can cause severe reactions in those with asthma and allergies, but Black Label Restoration can mitigate the damage. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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