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Buying Upholstery in Greenwich Fabric on a Strict Holiday Budget

Upholstery in Greenwich takes some time. It usually requires the help of an extra set of hands, so that is a time commitment for a friend as well. The cost of the upholstery should be a lot lower than having to buy an entire couch set from scratch. Buying upholstery on a tight budget is great because it means getting what is essentially a brand new piece of furniture without buying new furniture. Upholstery may take over an hour, but that is a small commitment.

Is it worth it? The answer is yes, but only on a tight budget. One should decide first how much a brand new set would cost. A preferred set should be chosen. For example, a new leather couch and chair could cost $1,200. Now, one has to determine the cost per square foot or yard for the Upholstery in Greenwich fabric. A typical cost could be $5 to $15. What would the cost be to cover the couch and chair? Does it exceed or get close to the cost of a new set?

One will know if it is a good deal if the cost of the upholstery fabric is less than half the cost of a new set. The cost in the above example should absolutely be less than $600. A good deal is about 25% of the cost of a new set (i.e. $300).

Owners need to find fabric that they adore. Do not buy fabric that is on sale based on that alone. The fabric will always be visible, and anything less than perfection will be a frustrating eyesore. The price savings will be forgotten when staring down an ugly “budget friendly” fabric. There are options that are amazing and affordable, but it will take a bit of time to find.

Dominics Decorating is the leading local source for authentic and innovative design concepts. Decorators can visit the website at  for more on many of the design ideas to use while shopping on a budget. A professional can walk a client through the options, and pave a logical path to a brand new room on a tight budget.

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